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For the best in family-centered care, contact Zalam Medical Center in Bridgeview, Illinois. Under the direction of board-certified pediatrician Nazem Alzalam, MD, the practice supports every child’s optimal growth and well-being with expert pediatric care. Visit the office for immunizations, well-child checks, school physicals, and acute concerns. Call today for an appointment or schedule online.


Pediatric Care Q & A

What is included in pediatric care?

Pediatric care offers comprehensive primary care to children from infancy to adolescence. Dr. Alzalam promotes continuity of care through a combination of wellness checks and visits for acute and chronic problems.

Come to the office for well-child checks. Dr. Alzalam ensures your child’s growth is on track to promote optimal physical, emotional, and mental abilities. You’ll receive comprehensive, age-appropriate guidance for a wide range of pediatric issues, including:

  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Bullying
  • Sports safety
  • Adolescent risk behaviors

Dr. Alzalam looks for common pediatric health concerns, including vision and hearing problems, childhood obesity, autism, depression, and substance abuse.

Dr. Alzalam also offers care for the common cold, the flu, pneumonia, strep throat, stomach bugs, pediatric rashes, ear infections, coughs, vomiting, asthma exacerbations, ankle sprains, wrist fractures, concussions, cuts, burns, and splinters. Call Zalam Medical Center with all your pediatric medical concerns.

Should I have my child immunized?

Immunizations are an essential part of pediatric care. They play an important role in reducing risks of disease to your child and of disease negatively impacting the community.

What happens during a pediatric wellness check?

Pediatric wellness checks help you and your child develop a positive relationship with Dr. Alazalem. They also help ensure your child’s growth is on target and that they don’t have any conditions that require intervention. Measurements from your child are compared to normal development milestones and previous assessments.

Pediatric wellness checks happen most frequently in your baby’s first year and taper off as your child enters and progresses through school.

During a wellness check, the team measures your child’s height and weight. Older children undergo a blood pressure check, too. Dr. Alzalam also performs a comprehensive physical exam, looking at your child’s eyes, ears, mouth, respiration, heart, and external genitals.

Your child receives all necessary immunizations at these visits, too. Dr. Alzalam discusses any concerns you have about your child’s health and reviews health-affecting lifestyle factors, such as sleep, safety, diet, and exercise.

Foster optimal health for your child. Call Zalam Medical Center or book online to set up your pediatric care appointments.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Zalam Medical Center accepts a variety of insurance plans. Please call our office with any coverage-related questions.



Zalam Medical Center always appreciates feedback from our valued patients.

I was searching for a good, caring pediatrician for my children, and this place fell into our laps. We absolutely love Dr. Alzalam and all other staff here! Blessed!


Been there twice for my 2 years old daughter. Both times the staff was wonderful, and the wait was very short.


Great smiling faces and very helpful– didn’t make me feel like a bad mom for not knowing what was wrong with my little girl.