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Your child needs a comprehensive physical exam prior to starting school and often at other times during their school experience. At Zalam Medical Center in Bridgeview, Illinois, board-certified pediatrician Nazem Alzalam, MD, provides comprehensive physicals to ensure your child is ready to start learning or engaging in a sport. Make an appointment online or call the office.


School Physical Q & A

What is a school physical?

A school physical is a special physical exam in which Dr. Alzalam assesses your child’s health to ensure they’re ready to report to their school.

It’s best to schedule a school exam in the summer, prior to the start of the fall school year. Schedule your appointment early to prevent a rush right before the school year begins. If your child plays a sport, they may also be required to complete a physical first.

Why does my child need a school physical?

Most schools in the United States require your child to undergo a comprehensive physical exam before they start their education. The school rightfully wants to know that your child is safe, healthy, and ready to begin a new year. Your child’s health affects the school population and your child’s ability to learn.

It’s also important that school administration be aware of any illnesses, injuries, or allergies your child may have so their teachers can create a productive and safe learning environment, and know how to intervene quickly should your child need help.

If your child is interested in playing a specific sport, they may be required to undergo a physical to ensure they’re healthy and ready to participate, too.

What happens during a school physical?

To make sure your child is ready for the new year, Dr. Alzalam starts the exam with vital checks that include:

  • Pulse rate
  • Body temperature
  • Breathing rate
  • Blood pressure

The team at Zalam Medical Center also measures your child’s height and weight, and they may also check their eyesight, hearing, or cholesterol. Next, the team checks your child’s immunization history and performs any immunizations they need.

If your child has a history of illness, the doctor may recommend specific tests to ensure it’s under control. This includes mental health struggles or emotional concerns that could affect learning.

A school physical also includes a discussion about healthy lifestyle habits, such as optimal sleep, diet, physical activity, and substance use. Discussions about bullying, screen time, and depression may also occur.

Get your child ready for school with a regular physical. Call Zalam Medical Center to schedule or book using this website.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Zalam Medical Center accepts a variety of insurance plans. Please call our office with any coverage-related questions.



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I was searching for a good, caring pediatrician for my children, and this place fell into our laps. We absolutely love Dr. Alzalam and all other staff here! Blessed!


Been there twice for my 2 years old daughter. Both times the staff was wonderful, and the wait was very short.


Great smiling faces and very helpful– didn’t make me feel like a bad mom for not knowing what was wrong with my little girl.